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Media Praise for Antonio

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"As the sun began to set, and temperatures began to cool, the California King of Salsa/Latin Soul & Sensuality, Mr. Antonio Madrigal, came out and fired up the crowd with his trademark Salsa Brava lessons. With high energy, enthusiasm, sensuality & professional dancing skill (or what is commonly known as "ganas" among the Gente), Antonio 'broke it down' for a lot of us with 2 left feet, and guaranteed the dance floor would remain full for the remainder of the 10th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival. Smiles were infectious, and many new Salsa dancers were born that day. As always, Antonio drew 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from the females in the crowd with his smooth moves, which in turn motivated the guys to get up on the floor and learn the same moves. You should have been there."
-- Franke Firme,


"Happy, dynamic and expressive, when he invades the dance floor and transforms it in a blanket of smooth and rapid movements with his 'Salsa Brava,' he captivates the public"
-- Miguel Suarez Orozco, EXCELSIOR


"Ah, 'SALSA BRAVA' . . . anyone with functioning taste buds will immediately salivate at the thought of a volcanic version of this spicy Latin condiment."
-- Daniella B. Walsh, LAGUNA NEWS-POST


"A skilled promoter (and instructor) . . . He got students through the basic footwork and hip movement in 20 minutes."


"His lead made my legs move spontaneously and amazingly in step - - for the first time in my life."

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