Best Entertainment for Special Events Weddings and Company Parties

Virtual, Online, Hybrid,

Drive-In or Through
Party Entertainment Ideas

No event is complete without an entertainment aspect.
And that goes for virtual, online, hybrid, drive-in and
drive through events, too. Entertainment alternatives
to keep guests engaged and leave a lasting impression.
And options to place your guests in your event
from their own home / location.

Drive-In Photos Drive Through Events

Online Caricatures Online Parties

• Virtual Video Shout Outs

• Caricature Artists

Children's Performers & Shows
• Children's Video Call from a Character
• Cirque Shows
• Comedians
• Graphic Recorder / Facilitator
• DJ Parties with Games and Prizes
• DJ Battles (3 DJs blasting tunes from your choice of genres)
• Emcee / Host
• Games and Competitions
• Improv Comedy, Fun & Games
• Inflatable Movie Theater / Drive In Movies with Virtual DJ
• Lookalikes - Personalized Greetings
• Team Building Events (Activities, Games, Karaoke,
   Singing, Song Writing, Dancing, Music,
   DJ, Touring, & Cooking Experiences)
• Trivia / Game Shows
• Photos
  - Virtual Photo Booth
  - Drive-In / Through Photo Booth
  - Open Air Photo Booth
  - Live Streaming
  - Mosaic Photos

Virtual Video Shout Outs
Personalized online meetings, chats and videos featuring your favorite Lookalike, Children's Character, etc. Perfect as a reward, brand promotion, birthday gift, special event commemoration, etc.

Caricature Artists
Attendees can pose for a screenshot to draw caricatures throughout the virtual event.  video

Children's Performers

-Children's characters, puppet shows, animal shows, children's music, singing telegrams, etc.

-Pre-recorded personalized video greetings or play dates:
Either a quick 5 minute or a long-form 20 minute birthday, holiday or other event greeting. We'll customize a video for your clients to play over and over again!

Video Call from a Character (20 mins)
Video Chat with your favorite character. Story time, singing, magic, Sharing time and Q&A is included. This appearance is perfect as a reward, birthday gift, or a unique way to pass the time. Does your little one have a special toy or pet they would like to show? Our character would love to see it during sharing time and hear about their time spent at home. This fun interactive video call will bring excitement and fun into your home, virtually.

Cirque Shows

-Live Stream Shows (5min-1hr long)

-Custom Video acts

Graphic Recorder / Facilitator

Graphics Facilitator

Have a sketch artist join your virtual or hybrid meeting and sketch your big ideas in real time. Bringing artists on board to create real-time illustrations is a great way to engage your audience with a unique type of content and create a graphic record of your event. These talented illustrators create artwork live as panel discussions go on, providing a graphical representation of the speakers and takeaways that are entertaining, informative, and most importantly, widely shareable/postable. Your team will enjoy watching the live-streamed sketch and will walk away with compelling images and time-lapse video deliverables. We can help you memorialize the big ideas from your virtual meeting or event as amazing, one-of-a-kind, visual artifacts.


Bringing comedians to your next virtual event will: 1. Improve morale 2. Relieve stress and anxiety because laughter is good medicine. 3. Create excitement. 4. Make you event memorable and fun.

DJ Parties

Bring the party to you! Professionally produced online parties for families, friends, corporations, retirement communities, neighbors or any kind of group you belong to. If you have a special occasion, want to gather friends for fun or are just looking to break the boredom at home. One hour or longer parties of up to 100 participants). Customized games (with a minimum of 10 players) and prizes tailored to your group. Name That Tune, Trivia, Minute to Win It and more! All kids and family-friendly fun events available too.

DJ Battles (3 DJs blasting tunes from your choice of genres).
Featuring three DJs blasting tunes from your choice of genres, the hour long battle encourages attendees to talk to the DJs (you may even get a shout-out) in addition to each other via the chat function.

Games & Competitions /

Improv Comedy, Fun & Games /

Team Building Events

Comedy Class

Improv Comedy Events:

A virtual improv comedy class you’ll be talking about with your friends for weeks. You will learn the rules of improv comedy and create made up one word at a time stories that will have everyone laughing and enjoying in the fun! So get ready to Act, Sing, and Laugh in a supportive and non-judgmental online comedy class created just for you! Great for Birthday Parties, Non-Profit Team-Building, Company Office Parties, Private Parties, Private Groups, Friends, Families, up to ten guests per hour works best.

Team Building Events:

Online team-building activities allow remote teams to connect, learn something new, and have fun! Activities, Games, Karaoke, Singing, Dancing, Music, DJ, Touring, & Cooking Experiences. Our online team-building experiences are interactive, live activities hosted virtually by creative, entertaining and enthusiastic hosts. Increase motivation, engagement, connection and workplace cooperation. Great for virtual happy hours, corporate virtual events, company milestones, corporate holiday get-togethers, and corporate gifting.

Inflatable / Pop Up Movie Theater / Drive-In Movie Theater

Pop Up Movie Theater

Outdoor movie screen and equipment for private, public and even drive-in events. Even concert grade sound systems and premium HD projection for larger events.

Virtual Movie DJ

Before your movie gets started, mingle with guests, eat dinner, or just hang out while enjoying music from our Virtual DJ. Awesome imagery on the big screen along with carefully curated music will serve as the ultimate movie preview, setting the tone for a night of movie-viewing fun!

Lookalikes - Personalized Greetings

Send or receive personalized messages from your favorite celebrity Lookalike. Once you receive the customized video, you can send/share it on social media.

Trivia / Game Shows

A live host controls the 60-minute game from a shared screen platform to display the game board with customizable questions, while up to 1,000 guests can participate by using their smart phones to answer questions. Allows customization for companies to spotlight their own brand or sponsors.

Virtual / Online Photo and Video Booths

        Virtual Photos

       Virtual Photos

Place your guests in your event from their own home / location. Perfect for any virtual, drive-by, or hybrid event including streamed conferences, Zoom meetings, brand activations, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and more.  Virtual photos allow guests to engage and create fun memories together.


The Virtual Photo Booth is completely customizable, runs on any device with a web browser and camera, and allows your guests to get an instant photo memento just like an in person event.  Users can choose different frames, backgrounds, stickers (digital props) and filters to make it their own special creation.  Even better, add on a digital mosaic and allow your guests to come together and create a collective work of art to build community and create a memorable keepsake. Use it along side Zoom or imbed into your virtual event webpage. An instant fully branded photo to download and share, and a gallery to see everyone else's pics too.


- Fully brandable and customizable photos, interface, and microsite
- Photos, GIFs, and boomerangs
- Share to text, email, and social media channels    
- Automatic background removable for custom backgrounds
- Virtual group photos
- Shared photo gallery for all guests
- Scratch & Win prize contests to incentivise and excite users
- Surveys and data capture (perfect for activations)
- Analytics & sharing metrics

Drive-In / Through Photos

Drive Up Green Screen Drive Up Green Screen
Drive-In Photos Drive-In Photos

Perfect for physically distanced event formats. Where your car becomes the prop and the green screen makes it an adventure! Whether you are putting your guests on a virtual race track or on a joy ride through Paris, give them a fun and fully branded memory from your event that they will never forget, all without leaving their cars. You can also include a roving photographer to take photos of guests at their vehicles.


Options available for sharing photos can include: RFID, QR Code, and Bar Code. RFID sharing involves giving the guest a bracelet or card with a chip that has their personal information stored in it (including email, phone number, and social media channels). Once scanned at a kiosk, the guests could instantly share their photo at a kiosk without having to come into contact with surfaces that were used by multiple people. QR Code and Bar Code sharing provide the guest with a card that is scanned before the photo experience. Once their experience is finished, they’re given this card with a link to a personal microsite that they can visit to receive their photo, gif, or video, instantly.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming
Broadcast your event live to the World with a professional single or multi-camera video shoot complete with dynamic visuals and graphic animations. Stream to all major platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more, or turbo charge your Zoom meetings with a professionally filmed and customized speaker window. From concept and planning to execution, let our experienced broadcast production team help you create the perfect streaming solution for your onsite, hybrid, or virtual event. Ideal for presentations, webinars, interviews, performances, promos, fundraisers, wedding and Mitzvah ceremonies, and much more. Place your guests in your event from their own home / location. Perfect for any virtual, drive-by, or hybrid event including streamed conferences, Zoom meetings, brand activations, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and more.  Virtual photos allow guests to engage and create fun memories together.

Mosaic Photos
Virtual events can also utilize mosaic photos that extract photos posted to social media with a specific hashtag to add to a live-streaming mosaic. These mosaics encourage engagements as each photo contributes to a collaborative finished product.

Mosaic Photos

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