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Human Orchid
Human Orchid

Human Fountains
A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance into a living fountain. Delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed display. Indoors or outdoors. The Fountain makes for a truly enchanting experience. She can be a decor type of background entertainment or she can be a featured entertainment with her own music and choreography.

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Human Rock
Experience the intrigue of the the Human Rock as he slowly emerges from his igneous dwelling. He metamorphoses between rock and man as he camouflages completely with his habitat. Audiences are enchanted by his warmth and power making for a truly fascinating performance. An atmosphere character that walks slowly amongst the audience, examining and discovering his surroundings. Excellent as a photo oportunity and a great visual in the right setting - plants, boulders, etc.

Human Fountains

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