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Winter 2024

Sparkling Entertainment Ideas
to light up your Winter special events!

LED Drumline
Elevate the energy and awaken audiences with the spectacular LED lighting of this drumline. These drummers offer a high-energy performance with coordinated dance moves, glowing lights and contagious rhythms. They also roam as atmosphere entertainment and offer unique photo opportunities.
High Energy Bands
Fun, high-energy, and interactive audience-friendly shows with professionalism that commands the stage! Our bands have stellar singers to include all of your favorite songs from the 1940s jazz standards to today’s hottest dance music.
Winter Wonderland Events
Light up your Winter festivities!
- Butterfly Mirror Dancers
- Champagne Dress Girls
Disco Ball Contortionists
- Disco Ball Dancers
- Snowglobes
- Winter Shows and Atmosphere Acts

  LED Entertainers
- LED Aerial Hoop
- LED Cirque Performers
- LED Contortion
- LED Cylindrical Wand (27” long)
- LED Cyr Wheel (6 foot wheel)
- LED Diabolo (like a giant yo yo)
- LED Drum Teams
- LED Fan Dancers
- LED Glow and Breakdancers
- LED Human Tables
- LED Hoops
- LED Jugglers
- LED Human Table
- LED Poi & Staves
- LED Polynesian Show
- LED Robots
- LED Staff
LED Stilt Walkers
- LED Stacked Chair Performers
- LED Wing Dancers

LED Human Table LED Wing Performers

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LED Drummers
LED Drumline

High Energy Bands
High Energy Band

Festive Winter Events

Disco Ball Contortionist  Snowglobe
Winter Cirque Champagne Dress Girls
Disco Ball Dancers Winter Dancers

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