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Fall  2013

Entertainment Ideas for Fall

Bands, DJs, Dancers and Entertainers of all Styles.
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LED Dancers
Take your event to the next level with revolutionary LED dancers. Spin your custom themes, logos, words and designs in mid air around our dancers. Blending marketing with entertainment, it's perfect for events looking for unique entertainment and the opportunity to speak your theme, brand, logos etc. Customize up to 20 images. Available as choreographed routines or as atmosphere dancers.
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Hip Party Bands
This ultra hip, contemporary party band gets the party started every time. Their fresh, hip style along with their energetic and funky approach will get your guests up and celebrating. Customize the music to your tastes from Current Hits to Classic Rock, R&B, Motown, Disco, Standards and Swing.
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Animated Photos
Looking for a new and novel photo option for your next special event? Animated photos includes short animations using eight photos taken in rapid succession, transformed into a looped animation. Customize the background and logo to speak your party's theme, company or product name, etc.
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