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Fall Leaves
                            "A World of Entertainment"          
FALL  2012

Natural Entertainment Ideas

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Human Fountains
Delicate jets of water appear from their fingertips in a beautifully choreographed display. Indoors or outdoors, these fountains make for a truly enchanting experience. Background entertainment or featured with music and choreography.

Human Rock & Orchid
Both atmosphere characters are camouflaged completely with their habitat and walk slowly amongst the audience, examining and discovering their surroundings. Audiences are enchanted as the Rock metamorphoses between rock and man. Both excellent for photo opportunities and a great visual in natural, outdoor or indoor venues.

Human Plants
Almost nine feet tall, these human plant statues are impressive in size and in beauty. At night, the flower balls are illumined for a stunning effect. As they come alive, their show is all about grace, elegance and romance. Customize the colors to your event.

Vine Stiltwalkers
Adorned with beautiful flowers, these natural beauties will come to life to amaze audiences with their elegance and grace as they move with captivating agility.

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Human Rock  Human Orchid

Human Plants  

Vine Stiltwalkers

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