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Speed Painter for Parties


Speed Painter
Speed Paintings

You're always trying to have the best entertainment. Your audience has seen it all, and they need to be amazed and stunned. This is something your audience has NEVER seen before. They'll love it!

Every 3 minutes, this artist makes an incredible painting and gives it away to your guests - All while making them laugh at his funny antics!

Painting after painting, for four hours, the show never stops! A great show and a great gift of "A Work of Art" for your clients!

Show Details
All paintings are 11"x14". He make sonly one size, each takes about 3 minutes to create.
All paintings will be different landscapes (tropical, space, and future worlds).
Finshed paintings are autographed, dried instantly, and carefully wrapped up. Paintings are then given to your lucky guests who answer my trivia questions correctly. He brings a top of the line, state of the art special effects show including lights, sound, and HD overhead camera with projector and screen. He can perform to your music as well, if you wish.

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