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Rock Star Camp
Learn from real rock stars! For Parties, motivation, team building and training.
A life changing experience through the power of Rock 'n' Roll. Celebrity instructors include Poison's Bret Michaels, The Monkees' Mickey Dolenz and Yes' Jon Anderson. Put your guests/employees in the spotlight and watch them shine! Enjoy the Rock Star treatment as you learn how to improve and develop better communication, teambuilding, presentation skills, and performing under time constraints, all the while rocking alongside with your favorite rock stars. Being in a rock band will bring equality to the corporate hierarchy by giving every member equal say in the decision making process, from choosing a name to picking what songs to perform. Each band works and learns under the tutelage of one of our star counselors, learning how to improve their skill sets with time saving techniques, and how to develop and use their boosted self confidence on the stage and in the real world! After hours of rehearsal the experience culminates in a Battle of the Bands in front of a live audience where each band performs until a winner is crowned! Remember no musical experience is necessary to be a Rock Star!

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