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Fireworks Shows


This fireworks company is a full service outdoor, indoor and theatrical professional fireworks display company providing all types of pyrotechnic effects for all types of shows. Our extensive experience, performance achievements, safety standards and reliability are a testimony to the thousands of satisfied customers. We provide a complete range of services from Stage Flash Pots to 36" Aerial Shells. We provide state of the art pyrotechnic artistry in our own proprietary pyrotechnology such as:

• High Definition Fireworks(tm) shows
• Hi Def Pyro(tm) shows
• HD Pyro(tm) shows


From Homecoming Queens to Presidential Inaugurations — we are the World's Premier Pyrotechnic Production Company!

• World's Premier Theme Park Supplier
• 400 Annual Theme Park Shows
• 500 Annual Independence Day Shows
• 5,000 Varieties of Pyrotechnic Effects
• 2,000 Seasonal Pyrotechnicians and Crew
• Pioneered Electric Firing to Music
• World's Largest Public Display Company
• Highest Industry Safety Record & Standards
• 50 Full Time Employees
• 13 Countries of Featured Pyrotechnics
• Innovators of Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
• 6 "Global Pyrotechnic Network" Facilities
• America's Largest Pyrotechnic Production Company

Hot Peppers Productions
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