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These storytellers and speakers offer cultural programs appropriate for adults and children from around the world. Choose from a variety of programs from American history, African, African-American, Aztec, Black History, Chinese, Native American, New Zealand and more....

African American Storyteller
This multicultural storyteller of African,African-American and International Folk tales, Historical tales, Stories of Science, and Spiritual stories. His stories inform, educate, inspire and amuse. His storytelling style is energetic and enthusiastic.


African Dance & Movement
Explore the many cultural differences in musical movement and styles of African Dance. Audiences will experience how total body expressive movements teach social patterns and values, help people work and celebrate, and connect with the community. Everyone will participate in her African dance program.


African Percussionist & Speaker
This storyteller and musician's African and International percussion, drumming and drum circles will magically ignite each audience’s internal rhythms to enrich their words, music and dance. Audience members will have the opportunity to play djembe drums as part of the interactive drum circle that he instructs and lead.

Latin/Aztec Music and Storyteller
Programs include Songs and Stories of Ancient Mexico, Dia de los Muertos, Green Music, Rainforests of South America, Ancient North America, and Ancient California, etc.
Solo Program: Songs and Stories of Ancient Mexico. Upbeat music including visually interesting and exotic instruments such as the Huehuetl, Teponaztli, Atecocolli and more! He brings a virtual huge museum of native percussion instruments that everybody can play on. Positive and humorous, he interacts with his audience singing easy to sing songs in indigenous languages helping to appreciate other cultures and our own.
Duo Program: Same program content as the first but including dance in addition to music and stories. We end the program with a “friendship dance“ that involves most everybody in the audience.
Costume for this Duo program is the traditional feathered Aztec/Mayan outfits.


African Dance

South American

African American Storyteller Aztec Storyteller

Native American Storyteller  Historical Storyteller

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Latin Stories
Latin Storyteller
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American Heritage Speaker
This American Heritage speaker is in constant demand as a keynote speaker at numerous secular and Christian conventions, schools, churches and retreats, and political and business groups.  He has been a keynote speaker for Promise Keepers, Coral Ridge Ministries, Vision Forum Ministries, Reclaiming America, Christian Coalition, ACSI Christian School Conventions, Worldview Weekends and many more.  He has trained the national staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the National Day of Prayer, James Robison Ministries, and over 100,000 business associates of Amway Corporation and Boeing Aircraft, among many others. Popular topics include:

The Paper Trail of Freedom traces the steps of the heroes of faith from Patrick of Ireland to America’s Founders. Each of these pioneers left a road map of freedom documents, showing us the way to restore our nation in this critical time.

America's 1st Thanksgiving - The Creation of Free Enterprise
Tracing the story of the Pilgrims and the foundation of hope they laid for our families, churches, businesses, and government.

The Proven Road to Prosperity & Freedom
Highlighting the great turning points in history where the terror of evil was defeated by the triumph of truth. What were the secrets of success in these liberating moments?

History's Liberty Heroes
Tracing the stories of our nation's brave, courageous founding men and women. Why do their stories impact us still today?

American Historical Storytellers
Professional re-enactors dedicated to the preservation of our American heritage and our history by means of dramatic performances. These performances are calculated to fit into any time constraint and any venue and are adaptable for any audience. We perform for schools, civic groups, fraternal organizations as well as  convention type gatherings. Each artist is personally committed to excellence and their work is non-revisionary in content,  providing a true picture of their character and their times. The performances are in costumes appropriate to the character and are performed in “first person” language as much as possible. Question and answer periods are always encouraged and  establish some of the best moments of rapport with the audience.

Patrick Henry                         James Madison
Thomas Jefferson                    John Adams
Harry Truman                          Mark Twain
Franklin D Roosevelt                Davy Crockett
Golda Meir                              Ceasar Chavez
Eleanor  Roosevelt                   Laura Ingalls Wilder
Louisa Mae Alcott                   Thomas Edison
Violet Jessop                          Abraham Lincoln
Susan B Anthony                    George Washington
Abigail Adams                         Betsy Ross

Chinese Storyteller
Enjoy time-honored tales—hundreds, even thousands of years old—that have endured to still captivate audiences today such as the tale of a Chinese dragon, chilling supernatural, ghost tales and riddle stories.


Flying Kiwi Tales of New Zealand
Learn about New Zealand (or Aeotearoa – land of the long white cloud), and one of the great cultures of the South Pacific, the indigenous Maori people. You’ll encounter hobbits, sheep, and the Kiwi bird’s attempt to fly. You’ll learn the mighty haka, play an game of rugby, and sing songs from a land down under using the back drop of some of the great adventures of New Zealand.

Interactive & International
Musical Storyteller

International folktales, movement activities, songs, poetry and personal stories. Positive, character-building stories with an interactive twist are her trademark. And most folks go home still waving their arms or humming a tune after her performances.

Multicultural Music and Puppets
This program features interactive songs combined with international and multicultural folktales that are brought to life with magic as well as puppets. Meet the Magical Mummy of Memphis and see how he creates great wealth. The Great White Bear will magically have to tell the truth, and Mr. Man, Dragon and the Fruit Juice will bring home the meaning of sharing.


Native American Storyteller and Dancer - Male
As a solo presenter, he demonstrates North American Tribal Dances with cultural context, music, and  brilliant regalia.  He’s one of a small number of American Indians invited to participate and even coordinate Pow Wows because of his knowledge and authenticity.  He regularly performs at the Indian South West Museum and Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.  He is dedicated to dispelling misinformation and/or misconceptions many people hold towards American Indians.


Native American Storyteller - Female
This California Indian presentator shows the beauty of our culture and ignites others to discover their own. This unique program takes students on a journey into the lifestyle of the California Indian, in particular the Acjachemen Nation, which flourished in Southern California hundreds of years before the Spanish influx. She shares through stories and songs her people's indigenous tools, instruments, games and clothing. She includes how American Indians preserve their culture today by participating in Intertribal Pow wows. The children view traditional dances and even get the chance to participate. Students leave with a wonderful understanding of "environmentalism" and what it means to be "keepers of the earth."


South American Storyteller
This 50 minute program is an interactive, musical, and multicultural storytelling adventure where audiences experience the geography, music, cultures, legends, and languages south of the USA.  She weaves stories and introduces scientific facts, biology, and hands-on artifacts into this participatory program.

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