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Pirate Parties




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This jovial group of pirates are 22 in total including Captain Jack, Captain Hook, Captain Davy Jones, William Turner, Elizabeth Swan. Chose from a variety to fun filled activities:

  • shows for children
    (see below)
  • pirate bands performing sea shanties and sing-a-longs
  • exotic animals such as monkey, tiger, parrots, alligator, all of which fit the pirate theme.
  • pirate photo booth
  • live action adventure show including sword fighting, black powder gun fighting, break away bottles, bull whip cracking and just good 'ol pyratical fun.
  • precision knife and tomahawk throwing shows
  • precision bullwhip artistry
  • belly dancers with swords and snakes,
  • fire eating comedy show
  • sword swallowers
  • bed of nails
  • ladder of blades
  • face painter and temporary tattoos,
  • pirate photo bootsh complete with costumes for your guests to dress up like pirates
  • pirate props and décor such as barrels, netting, gibet cages with rotting corpses, skeletons dressed in rotting clothing, skeleton on ships wheel, ship's mast, lanterns, tack, etc.
  • pirate themed inflatables and interactive games
  • lighting and sound

Fire Eater

Shows for Children
This band of pirates offers a four pirate 30 minute show for kids only (and adults get a laugh too!). The show includes sword fights (all comedy/fun/exciting and not evil) and interaction with the kids. Featured are Captain Jack, a female pirate, a male pirate, and a villain (Captain Barbosa or Captain Hook).

Jack Sparrow Pirate Band
Imflatable Props
Props Props


Pirate Musical Shows


Pirate Band Pirate BoatPirate Band

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This pirate musical show can be customized to your needs. They even have a battery powered pirate boat.The trio consists of guitar, string bass, and piccolo. Everyone sings and costumes are colorful and appropriate. Shows for children include songs from “Sponge Bob “ to tails of mermaids and men.  They have a story line that features songs with audience interaction and education.  There are gold stickers given out for answers, and it’s a fun family friendly presentation.


Join this band as they navigate thru the straits of comedy and music.  The fearless Captain Bildgewater and crew reminisce about their recent voyage upon the great seas, lamenting time with all manner of sea creatures and mermaids.  Music ranges from Eddystone Lighthouse to The Little Mermaid, with ports of call that include Sponge Bobs and of course, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  The crew is fun, engaging, and full spirited.  Drop your own anchor and join them for a bit of nautical treasure. Rrrrrrrr Mate!  You’ll be hooked!

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