Best Entertainment for Special Events Weddings and Company Parties

Painters & Murals for Parties & Weddings


Live Event Paintings and Murals for...
- Weddings
- Anniversaries
- Birthday Parties
- Corporate Events
- Trade Shows
- Mitzvahs
- All Special Occasions


Painter #1

This talented painter is available for live event
paintings, murals, calligraphy and anime portraits.

Painter #2


This accomplished artist has the ability to capture all the details of your special event or wedding in her magnificent paintings that she will paint for you on location at your event. She arrives about one hour before and stays until the end of the reception.

By the end of your reception, the finished canvas is presented to you to take home. Your guests will delight in seeing the evolution from blank canvas to an incredible work of art at the end of the reception. An amazing and thoughtful treasure of your special day will hang on your wall to remind you of all those special and sentimental details that went into your glorious celebration.

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