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Laser Beams
SIX TIMES more visible than the brightest ordinary searchlight – this LASER can be seen from tremendous distances. It is the brightest RGB full color laser in the world at over 300 Watts (that’s 300,000 mW) of laser power, requiring only 110 VAC at 15 amps. It can project a bright, thick full color laser beam into the night sky with many different color patterns and effects like strobe, flash, and fade at set speeds. It will take your special event, business, building, monument, or historical land mark to a new level being see from all over your city by thousands of curious spectators. This new technology replaces the old search lights that require a lot of power, not impressive, and are limited in their capacity.


Laser Shows
Bring a custom designed Laser Lightshow with cutting edge technology to your next event. We offer a prodigious animation library with over 10,000 laser graphics that can be choreographed to music (pre-programmed or live). For corporate sponsorships, we deliver creative design that includes custom logos, messaging and other images to reinforce branding in a first-class entertainment production.


Utilizing modern solid state laser technology, your concert or special event will come alive and make a powerful statement that will leave an exciting and memorable impression. Images appear to suspend over your audience through the use of theatrical scrim, inflatable balloons and other atmospheric effects. The unique optical properties of the laser beam attracts great attention and its presence creates an extraordinary feel in any environment.

Our company is on the cutting edge of research and development and show production providing custom installations for a wide array of industries including film, large or smaller scale event productions, and night clubs. Our laser productions and installations are some of the best in the world. A strong technical team of optical, IT and fabrication experts enables us to invent, develop and actually build new products according to the highest international standards in the best tradition of technical craftsmanship. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we welcome the opportunity to develop new relationships and deliver the most ingenious, cutting-edge entertainment.


In the world of laser animation, laser advertising and laser events, our products adhere to the strictest safety standards (FDA, CDRH) while upholding unmatched performance parameters and user-friendliness alike.


Select from thousands of 3D animated graphics.Our Laser Equipment Includes...


White Light Laser (full color)
This laser produces just about any color. And can be used with our high speed color separator. It's water cooled, 208VAC at 40 amp's. This laser is the most beautiful and recommended for indoor use.

Argon Laser
This laser produces two shades of blue, and two shades of green. It's water cooled, 208VAC at 40 amp's. Very bright good for both indoors and outdoors.

Krypton Laser
This laser produces red. It's water cooled, 208VAC at 40amp's recommended for indoor use.

Diode Pumped Solid State Laser
This laser produces a neon green color. It's very portable, air cooled, 110VAC 15amp's. Very bright good for both indoors and outdoors.

High Power YAG laser
This laser produces a neon green color. It's air cooled, 208VAC 40amp's. Very bright good for both indoors and outdoors in large areas like sports arenas and coliseums.

High Power Solid State Full Color Laser System
Very portable and very very bright. 120VAC and air cooled. This system can be carried on the airplane and used without shipping cargo.

Sample Show Options
The main difference between the two options is the brightness of the lasers.  The brighter the laser, the more dramatic the effect.

Option 1
1- 50 Watt Full-Color Laser RGB
1- Computer Graphic Controller
1- High Speed Scanner Based Projector
16- Laser bounce mirrors
1- High power smoke machine

Option 2
1- 25 Watt Multi-Color RGB Laser
1- Computer Graphic Controller
1- High Speed Scanner Based Projector
16- Laser bounce mirrors
1- High power smoke machine

The Laser Light Show will consist of 3-D graphic characters and designs; beam effects: patterns and splitting effects; aerial affects: i.e. cones and waves; text and logos. Site will determine usage of effects. We will create a laser light show spectacular. The show will include high speed full color laser animations with beams and many other laser effects.

All packages include the laser light show, programming, set up, tear down, operation of the laser show.


Please note: Video projectors and cameras can be damaged by lasers. Please use video equipment at your own risk.

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