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John Travolta Lookalike & Show


John Travolta Lookalike
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70's, Disco Inferno, Pulp Fiction, Grease...this Travolta is the perfect choice when booking quality look-alike talent for any special event. 

His un-canny impression of superstar John Travolta has dazzled audiences of all ages and his Travolta act has been booked both throughout the US as well as internationally.  Noland was handpicked by VH-1 as their top choice, was sought out by McDonald's after an extensive worldwide search for a Travolta to use to help them launch their new product (Mcshawarma), is the first call "Travolta" when the big clients of Studio 54 in Las Vegas roll in and is called on by the Hollywood studios for their Travolta shots! (assuming their shots don't require the real John Travolta!)


This Travolta can make sure to jump start any disco themed party. Costumed in the exact replica "white suit" from the film and able to perform the famous "solo dance". Your guests will certainly have plenty of disco photo ops! Learn dances like the Hustle or the Bus Stop by John himself. Highlight the guest of honor, CEO or President with this fun filled night of disco dementia! He can also provide disco dancers to teach routines to the guests.


He can custom make a show designed to fit perfectly with your needs.

Appearances can range any amount of time and can include audience mix and mingle an onstage show performance or a combo of both!

The onstage show ranges from a three minute dance up to 20 minutes which can even include bringing the VIP/CEO/President up to the stage for a little “chop busting” and possibly the entire audience as we attempt to break the world’s record largest Hustle line dance!


Here’s a sample of what your night could look like:

Your audience will howl with laughter as Travolta performs the Saturday Night Fever solo dance move for move straight out of the movie!

Would you like to see your VIP/CEO/President slip into the “one size fits all” disco jacket? It’s a sure bet that your audience will! Sit back and watch as Travolta calls them up to the stage to assist in teaching everyone some fancy moves!

The rest of the audience gets a chance to strut their stuff out on the floor as we will attempt to break the World’s Record largest line dance by calling everyone up for their shot at the Hustle line dance.


These are ideas that have worked very well in the past but feel free to tweak or adjust as need be! We are open to your ideas and our goal is to make your event a success!


Here is a 9 step recipe that always blows the roof off! We can do your show based on this model or feel free to come up with your own arrangement! Other show ideas can be based on Pulp Fiction or Grease.

step 1. take the stage

step 2. Get them clapping!

step 3. perform the Saturday Night Fever solo dance

step 4. find a lady to help finish the dance

step 5. call the VIPs up to the stage & be sure to take pictures of the look on their faces. Then, teach them some fancy dance moves. (i.e. provide content for the cover of next month's company newsletter).

step 6. pack the dance floor!

step 7. teach simple line dance like the bus stop/hustle

step 8. provide more content for next month's company newsletter!

step 9. hand over a packed dance floor to the DJ or band


Here’s what others are saying after their event!

“I haven’t laughed that hard since I did those dance moves myself 30 years ago! Those pictures are going to be hilarious; I can’t wait to show them to everyone back home!”


“Wow! That brought back a lot of great memories. I used to have a suit just like that myself, come to think of it I used to have hair just like that myself too; I think I still have the suit somewhere but the hair has definitely left the building! Thanks for coming; I knew the rest of the week was going to be smooth sailing because our opening night was such a smash hit!”


“What a smooth ride, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about the entertainment at all; Mr. Travolta came so highly recommend that I just relaxed and let him take over the show. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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