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Ice Scuptures &
Branded Water Curtains


Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture Ice Sculptures
Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture

Branded Water Curtains

Water Curtain 7.87' wide Water Curtain 10.5' wide Water Curtain + Larger Truss and Top

Water Curtain + Larger Truss and White Canopy Curtain with Custom Gater Board

Ice Sculptures

Creative and illuminating designs with ice and water for a WOW factor. Carved sculptures, centerpieces and even food displays to keep your food chilled.

Branded Water Curtains
For a dramatic effect, include our "branded water curtain" with millions of tiny illuminated droplets cascading to the ground forming an image in mid-air – a name, a logo, a message, even a picture. A curtain of water droplets actually forming your logo and your choice of text.

Curtain Size Options

7.87 feet wide
10 w x 10 h x 5 deep
Power = Two - 20 amp circuits / 110 volt
Water used = 70 gallons
Set up time = 4 hrs
Tear down time = 3 hrs
2 Technicians

10.5 feet wide
12 w x 9 tall x 5deep
Power = Two - 20 amp circuits / 110 volt,
Water used = 90 gallons
Set up time = 4hrs
Tear down time = 4 hrs
2 Technicians

15.75 feet wide
20 w x 16 tall x 5 deep
Water used = 130 gallons
Set up time = 6 hrs
Tear down time = 4 hrs
3 Technicians


Water Curtain Details
The system comes in 31.5 inch lengths (.8 meters), includes trussing 8 ft to16 ft high, LED lighting, water catch basins, backdrop, side trim, top trim, programming of patterns and up to 5 logos. The curtain height can be set for 8 ft (2.44 meters) up to 16 ft (4.88 meters) with our trussing.  The system can go up to 30 ft (9.14 meters) with proper rigging.  Client to provide power, water source, delivery fee and any freight costs. Art work for logo’s or patterns should be submitted in bitmap form.


Larger trussing with top or larger trussing with white canopy are available (i.e. for trade shows) for an additional fee. Alternately, we can create a custom structure (like the red one above) made up of gator foam board with a wood frame for support.  We can customize the color and add logos to the structure.  This design is great for blending the trussing, lighting and water tanks for a cleaner look.

Larger Truss + Top (3rd Photo from top) = 20 wide x 16 tall x 10 deep

Larger Truss+ White Canopy (4th Photo from top) = 20 wide x 16 tall x 30 long

Custom Gator Board (5th photo from top) = 20wide x 12tall x 5deep
Set up time = 14 hrs; Tear down time = 10 hrs; 3 Technicians

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