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Hat Making

Hat Making

Hat Making
Hat Making  Hat Making
Masks Hat Making
Painted Hatd
Hat Making

video - hat making

video - painted hat and craft making

We provide our award winning hat and accessories making activity - any theme for adults, kids and corporate brands including:

  • hats
  • hats (painted)
  • boas
  • parasols
  • ladies' gloves
  • flip-flops
  • masks
  • men’s ties
  • fans
  • sunglasses
  • and more

Transform your guests with an exciting, creative energy that adds a fun fashion and style your party.  It is our goal to add an unforgettable element to your party and leave your guests with an incredible keepsake from your special event.

We provide all of the supplies and amazing hats and set-up a design area where your guests can personally decorate their own party hats and enjoy the interactive activity.

Stations bring specially designed and created hats of a wide variety of shapes and styles, easily fitted to different-sized heads. We listen carefully to you before we plan your event to make sure we understand your vision and we design the hats to match that vision.


During the event, your guests first select their hats, and then they move over to the decorating tables, where glue guns, scissors and other materials are at hand. The decorations may reflect event themes, corporate logos, decorations, etc. Guests have a great time creating their personalized hats and our staff is on hand to help them with ideas and assist with the artful arrangement of their decorations.

The fun continues after the hats are created. As your guests walk around wearing their hats, it’s easy to strike up conversations with strangers as they admire and comment on one another’s creations. Sometimes, spontaneous hat parades occur in the ballrooms or convention centers, as everyone cheers the wearable works of art. And after the party is over, they take their hats home as a memento of your event.

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