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Green Screen Photos & Videos

Entertainment through the use of Interactive Digital Photography
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Green Screen 


Guests pose for a digital photo. (They can be silly, fun or serious.) Then, using a proprietary software and patented green screen technology, we put them right in the action of any of our video or still backgrounds. We have over 3,000 to choose from, or our graphic designers can create a custom background for you. Photos are then printed on high-quality paper and inserted into an attractive holder or specialty display item of your choice. Special effects can be achieved such as sepia tone, silhouette, or "Andy Warhol." We can produce about one hundred 5x7 photos per hour so your guests walk away with their photo in moments. You can also go green or digital, allowing each guest to get an electronic version of their photo. And, our Wi-Fi service can electronically tansmit the photo to a plasma or large screen at your event!

Perfect For Corporate Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Holiday Events, Charities/Galas, Golf Tournaments, Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions or Youth Sports Team Photos.


Interactive Video
Engage your guests in an interactive experience while branding your company in their memory. Both backgrounds and foreground can be moving along with the subject as they sing, cheer, throw a pass or participate in any activity you can dream up. Video Delivery Options include CD given immediately after recording or Go Green and survey your consumers by selecting: Send video to cell phone, E-mail video to family and friends, Video posted to YouTube.


For Corporate Events
Effective event marketing can dramatically improve your corporate branding efforts. Our interactive event services create a fun and memorable way to build a stronger brand, generate leads, and dramatically improve your event ROI. Research by Event Marketer Magazine shows the number one thing people tell others about after an event is the interaction they had. The more fun the interaction, the more memorable it is. Our keepsakes leverage your marketing dollars by continuing to activate long after the event is over. The one thing everyone keeps is a photo of themselves! Prospects share their photos with others, are excited to talk about their experience, and promote highly beneficial Viral Marketing like no other promotional giveaway can.

How We Do It

Software - We develop our own proprietary software designed specifically for event entertainment. Our custom Software works together with our Green Screen Technology to produce the highest quality photo possible.

Green Screen Technology - With our Green Screen Technology we can produce a completely seamless composite to achieve total realism. We put people in the action, not just next to it.

Data Capture - Choose to have your guests download their photos online where you can have them complete a brief survey to collect information about them. Obtain opt-in permissions to build your in-house marketing database.

Lighting - We use the same lights as professional studios to bring outstanding quality for high through-put.

Digital Cameras - We use only professional, commercial grade digital cameras to provide the highest quality photos with natural skin tones.

Live Monitor - Attendees can see the final photo at the live monitor while standing in line or waiting outside your booth. People love to watch and can't wait to see themselves.

Average 100 Photos Per Hour - On average, we can take one hundred 5x7 photos per hour with one green screen. In some cases, we have taken up to 160 photos per hour. The number of photos we can produce for your event will depend on the graphics you choose and the setup location.


Andy Warhol effect

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