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Graphics Facilitator / Recorder

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Graphics Facilitator
Graphics Facilitator
Graphics Facilitator

Graphics Facilitator

Graphics Facilitator

A Graphics Facilitator will add a creative visual dimension your next meeting, event or online virtual event. Make your event more engaging, productive, and memorable. By listening for key ideas and issues and then organizing the information spatially in mural form, a graphic facilitator helps groups to better see the issues before them and pull teams together by putting them (literally) on the same page. As their story emerges on paper, groups are empowered to see more clearly the issues at hand, the opportunities at their disposal, and the challenges they face. In addition, they will also gain a deeper appreciation for their own strengths and weaknesses as well.


Virtual live sketching: For online or hybrid events, include an offsite live artist to join your virtual meeting and sketch the big ideas in real time.


Some of the benefits include:


– Combining images with text/speech increases retention levels by 40%.

– Enhances dialogue and eliminates confusion among team members.

– Expands comprehension of key themes and main ideas.

– Records important information without interrupting flow.

– Supports higher levels of thinking and engagement.

– Increases clarity by allowing people to literally “see what they mean.”

– Makes sessions more collaborative, productive, and actionable.

– Gets people on the same page using storylines, shared metaphors, etc.

– Distills complex data into one clear image.

– Adds creativity/excitement to presentations and new projects or ideas.

– Reduces misunderstandings and helps resolve conflict.

– Saves time by lowering redundancy and reducing ambiguity.

– Increases ROI by vividly documenting crucial points.

– Results in a graphic record which can be shared with others.

– Replaces traditional “Meeting Minutes” –the charts become the report.

– Equips participants with a unique “takeaway” of their experience.

– Provides an easy and effective way to share the “gestalt” of an event.

– Makes it much easier to quickly bring outsiders “up to speed.”


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