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Private Parties
From a 21st birthday party to an intimate family gathering, we have something for every occasion. Let us bring our special blend of intelligent fun to liven up your special event, so you can relax and play with your guests. Get new acquaintances and old alliances mixing and mingling in a wonderfully new way. It’s a chitchat and social catalyst.


Corporporate Teambuilding
Professional grade fun to energize employee engagement. Yes your team will have fun. (What kind of a game would it be if it weren’t fun?) But, play is just another way of learning: the games we deliver make your team stronger, more fit, and better equipped to tackle large problems with increased brainpower, creativity, and increased morale. Our games bring people together, dissolve communication barriers and silos, and illuminate undiscovered value and talent in every team member.

College Orientation Games
Start the school year with a bang. Whether it’s for incoming new students or returning upperclassmen, we can deliver a game that will make the Honor Roll. Our games are a great addition to school orientation because they break the ice and abolish awkwardness while also helping students learn their way around campus in a fun and exciting way, all the while forging new memories with new friends. We’ve run events for USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, FIDM, OTIS, UOP, Cal Poly Pomona, and many more.

Social Networking Games
These games have been specially crafted to liven up mixers, receptions, cocktail hours, working lunches, barbecues, or office parties with a splash of interactivity. These games don’t require the guests’ undivided attention. If you want a game that’s easy to get into and step out of, that will draw out shy attendees and fully engage all your participants, choose one of these low-cost events.

Partial Game List

SKILL FOCUS: spontaneity, multi-tasking, company knowledge
GAME FEATURES: head-to-head competition, puzzles, trivia, drinking
BEST WITH: 8-60 players; Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
Mix pub trivia, pub crawl, scavenger hunt, and a double dose of fun on the rocks. Enjoy with friends and co-workers. Test your wits and show your competitive side in bars or other venues you select (though we’re happy to make recommendations). It’s a fun and intimate way to play with your colleagues in the spirit of friendly competition. Tackle our challenges, tickle your funny bone, and pickle your liver. It’s not a race: the whole group is together the entire time. You’ll test your wits with puzzles and general knowledge trivia, face-off against the other teams in games of speed and dexterity, and show off your creative chops in the sure-to-go-viral camera challenges. Our variegated challenge course puts a spotlight on your team’s diversity. Anyone can be the hero, and everyone will be sure to enjoy this relaxing and refreshing day outside the office, building memories and camaraderie. Cheers! Also, ask about “Challenge Dash,” the PG-rated version.

SKILL FOCUS: Creativity, multi-tasking, time management, cooperation
GAME FEATURES: Camera challenges, interactivity, props, treachery
This is teambuilding heavy on the creativity. Are you looking to build creativity more than puzzle-solving? This unforgettable adventure will have your teams shooting to thrill as they complete a host of photo challenges that are more Adam Sandler than Ansel Adams. Can you re-create an album cover… that ISN’T “Abbey Road”? Spell a Scrabble word with your bodies? Teams will need to work together to finish, but must be wary: players are also trying to “assassinate” each other with 80s dance moves, hula hoops and even the word “brunch.” Fast and furious, this game rewards cooperative efforts and individual achievement. 

SKILL FOCUS: communication, delegation, time management, coordination
GAME FEATURES: head-to-head competition, physical challenges, mental challenges
Explore the world without leaving the ballroom. Set your course for adventure with this exploration-themed suite of exhilarating, globe-trotting challenges. Teams rotate through a series of stations that will test their skills in subjects such as research, interpretation, and of course whip-handling. Earn gold coins for your successes and bonuses for out-performing the other teams. The team with the most gold at the end will be crowned.

strategic thinking, time management, creativity
GAME FEATURES: smartphone technology, actors, puzzles, creative videos
Our topselling teambuilding game. We know you’re wise, but are you CLOCKWISE? Clockwise, our most popular game is the world’s first object hyperlinking adventure game: a high-tech clue hunt with the signature. Nerds and novices alike love using their gadgets to scan QR codes in this creative challenge course. Visit the 12 clue locations and find the WatchWords to win the game– but don’t run out of time! Only your technology can decode the messages hidden in plain sight, and only your team’s creativity can produce the photos and videos that will get the biggest laughs. Prizes go to the fastest team, the highest scoring team, and the most creative team, so this game has something for everyone.

logic, pattern recognition, results under pressure
GAME FEATURES: indoor program, puzzles, video content
Escape room style puzzle adventure. For fans of the real-escape room style adventure, this is the program for you. Countdown is the heart-pounding, mind-twisting game of high stakes and quick thinking. We fake the players out by promising them a corny day of trust-falls and name games… only to be interrupted by a breaking news video revealing the deranged threats of a madman: The Confounder. And he hates teamwork. With only 45 minutes before his doomsday device detonates, teams must defeat the Confounder in a battle of wits to thwart his evil plan. Trapped in a room, you’ll have to make sense of twisted puzzles that test your listening skills; spatial intelligence; sense of smell; powers of logic; and pirate lore. Ultimately, the players will need to pool their resources to emerge victorious. Each correct puzzle solution yields a clue that eliminates one or more suspects from the Mug Sheet. By collecting all the clues, players discover the true identity of the Confounder and stop the madman’s doomsday device.
Game accommodates 5-100 players and lasts about an hour.

SKILL FOCUS: focus, communication, results under pressure
GAME FEATURES: indoor program, lightly physical stunts, video content
On TV they call it “Minute To Win It,” but our lawyers have recommended we call it “60 Seconds To Do Good.” You’ll call it a gut-busting whirlwind of stunts that will test your balance, steady hands, speed, dexterity, and smarts. We keeps teams moving through the challenge course, squaring off against an opposing team at every station, and you’ll never play the same game or the same opponent twice. Diversity of skills and competitors means maximum team building experience, and teams who make sure everyone gets a turn to earn bonus points. It’s always your turn to play in this deceptively devious gauntlet of cunning games made of household items. The games last a minute, but the memories last a lifetime.
Full game accommodates 6 - 300 people and plays between 1.5 - 2 hours.

GAME FEATURES:The record-breaking, crowd-pleasing tabletop party game Exploding Kittens is now available as live entertainment for your next conference or event. We call it “Exploding Kittens Live,” featuring the amazing BFC. The B stands for “big” and the C stands for “cards.” We believe the middle word is FANTASTIC! Up to five teams of 2-10 players attempt to avoid blowing up and hilariously struggle to manipulate these jaw-dropping six foot tall playing cards. Will you use a magical goat to peer into the future? Or deploy a Defuse card to defer detonation? With our hosts facilitating the experience, to heighten the fun and get everyone engaged, it’s a press-your-luck game that will have your sides splitting, and possibly exploding. Big cards. Big fun.
Game accommodates 10 - 50 players and lasts 1-3 hours.

cooperation, quick thinking, creative problem-solving
GAME FEATURES: indoor/outdoor program, puzzles, camera challenges
For the well-rounded team, we suggest our most comprehensive set of challenges. Running the gamut from visual puzzles to interactive facilitated games to hilarious photo shoots, this event has something for everyone. Teams move about at their own pace, devising strategies and tackling the challenges they feel best equipped to dominate. We’ll make sure to shine a light on every member of your team, even if it all takes place in a conference room out of the sun. Quick-paced and engaging, this event will ensure participation and enjoyment by all.

social boldness, bonding, generosity
GAME FEATURES: indoor program, perfect ice-breaker, employee rewards
Add this delightful mix-and-mingle icebreaker to ANY holiday party!
Death to Secret Santa! Make this year’s holiday party one to remember with this lively new activity that’s refreshing, hilarious, a cinch to play, and full of surprises. Your guests will love ripping into our mystery gift-wrapped boxes, sharing the surprises inside, and discovering amazing facts about their co-workers. It’s a crazy holiday explosion of gifts and giving, mixing and mingling, wrapping paper, ripping paper, and rip-roaring entertainment. It’s so much fun, you’ll wish it was December every month.

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