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A variety of fire dancers to choose from:

Fire Belt

Fire - Cirque Shows

Fire Crown

Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers - Afro Caribbean (with fire breathing)
Fire Dancers - Polynesian (fire knife, fire fan and poi dancers)

Fire Hoop

Fire Parasol

Fire Eating

Fire Spinning Star
Fire Stiltwalker

No Fire Options

Polynesian Poi Dancers

LED Performers


Fire eating vs. Fire Breathing: Fire eating is the art of manipulating flame, the signature move of which is to extinguish the torch using one's mouth. Traditionally a fire eater will breathe fire as well, but not always. Fire breathing is seldom performed by itself. It is spectacular, but very brief. Even with a mouth full of fuel, doing multiple expulsions, the fire breathing only lasts 30 seconds to a minute in most shows. A fire eating act (or fire breathing act) can last between 4 and 10 minutes depending on the performer, and it still involves fairly spectacular stunts. For this reason it is actually more expensive to limit the performance to fire breathing, since it involvers swallowing more of the toxic fuel, and is more hazardous for the performer.

Fire Breathing + Fire Eating (and/or fire dancing): Each performer can provide up to three performances of 4-8 minutes each during the course of the hour.

Fire Breathing only: Each performer can breath fire up to four times per night, maybe five if there are shorter sets.  Each fire breathing set will last between one and four minutes (safety factors such as wind, crowd control, and performance space will effect the duration).

All quotes include all props, professional costume, and safety equipment, as well as a trained assistant to perform as a fire safety during any fire performances.

Fire Permits: All fire permits are the responsibility of the venue. Fhe approval of the venue and their application for the fire permit are important. The fire marshall usually determines if there is enough distance between the audience and the performer, if there is a dipping station set up outside and a clear path from the dipping station to the performance area, ample ceiling height, etc.  We can submit our fire safety guidelines to the fire marshall in advance of the event, to help the permit approval process.


Break Schedule: Fire performers usually perform for 10-12 minutes and then need a 15-30 minute break depending on the type of fire involved.

Fire Breathing Fire Breathing Fire Eating

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