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Drum Circles


Drum Circles

Drum Circles

Perfect for schools, bar mitzvahs, corporate team building and any special event, a facilitated Drum Circle puts a modern and purposeful twist on the age-old practice of gathering as a community, playing music together, and celebrating life. Best of all, with expert facilitation, there is absolutely no drumming experience required and all the drums are provided.


The drum has always been a special instrument because it is accessible to everyone and speaks a rhythmic language that is universally understood all around the world. It is a form of non-verbal communication that transcends all cultures, races, religions, age groups and gender.


When done with the right intention, a drum circle or rhythm event has the power to motivate, transform, and uplift people to new heights. It is an energizing and fun way to deliver a powerful bonding and creative experience, and can even be used to relate valuable life and teamwork lessons to your guests, students, or employees. A Drum Circle can bring this time-tested experience to your next event.

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