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Drumming Workshops

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Bring the powerful African technique of drumming to the modern boardroom and offer the possibility of participating in an event that promotes the power of communication, synergy, harmony and team building through interactive drumming.

We provide each delegate with a drum, and transform your guests, company, division or work team into a drumming orchestra teaching participants to listen to one another and to make music together!


This group has been used by 130 of the top 400 companies in the world and with a history of over 2000 events in 19 Countries, they have the experience to deliver an unforgettable interactive event.


Story of an Event
We arrive at the conference venue a while before the show, everything looks neat and beautifully laid out. To the surprise of the waitresses, we start unloading drum after drum and by the time we get to 50, somebody asks “Who is going to play all those drums?" We say “200 accountants”.


We unpack the 200 drums and form a circle of chairs. The delegates are completely unaware that they are about to drum and are by now beginning to arrive at the venue for their annual conference that begins in 1 hour.


We set up the team and as everyone has gathered outside the room we begin playing and they hear the drums calling from inside the conference room. When people walk in, they cannot believe their eyes when they find 200 drums laid out on the seats, and this amazing drumming music filling the room, being played by our team. Slowly, people find their way to their seats, all staring at each other with embarrassed smiles on their faces, not knowing really how to deal with the drum that is now in their lap.


Tentatively, a few brave individuals start banging away, one even gets carried away with the energy in the room and jumps into the middle of the circle for a quick dance to the wild applause of his peers.


Then, without saying a word, our facilitator gets up and starts to orchestrate the group with a massive repertoire of body language signals, bringing the 200 entry level musicians into perfect harmony.

200 people, not one word spoken and there they are working in perfect unity and synchronization. Over the period of an hour, our repertoire keeps this circle “humming”. There are always one or two people who allow the entertainer within to emerge and spontaneously do something to get the group motivated.

We introduce percussion instruments, Boomwhackers, sometimes fire jugglers, dancers and digiridoo players, all the time finding a way to keep the energy up, and to keep everyone engaged. After 75 minutes of this group music, we leave the group to continue with their speeches and conference, exhilarated, connected and motivated having created beautiful music together.


We leave people liberated by the small barrier they have to cross to become performers rather than spectators, and lightened by the stress release that drumming has been offering mankind for many thousands of years.

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