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Costume Characters


Perfect for themed events...
these creatures roam, interact with your guests, stand tall over your crowd (on stilts) and even float and swim in your pool (our Mermaids & Sea Godesses).

Our Giant Toys stand 9 feet tall.

The Sea Creatures even have day glow colors and internal wire lighting that accentuate them in the day or night.  Add ultraviolet lighting to them in vignettes and they will take on an entirely new brilliance. 

Perfect for opening sessions, why not combine these fantastic costumes with performers from our theatrical productions for an eye-opening 5 minute production from Broadway's The Little Mermaid.  Combine this with video for the ultimate living sea, with a cast of ground based, stilt-based, and aerial-based performers that will guarantee to bring the marine underworld to life!

Our Costumed Characters captivate audiences and touch their hearts as they join our young star on this spectacular journey. Its a voyage to a fantasy world, taken from our theatrical show that is choreographed into a mesmerizing production. They combines classic commedia dellarte traditions with modern cirque artistry, resulting in an experience that brings audiences to their feet.
Snowman Penguin
Giant Toys

Costume Characters Mermaid
Sea Creatures
Mermaids  Stiltwalker Flamenco
Stiltwalker Queen  Stiltwalker Flower
Giant Toys
Giant Toys
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