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Aerial Ribbon Show

Living Ornaments Vertical Poles

Spheres  Handbalancing Team

We have several theatrical circus teams providing exciting, imaginative performances, combined with beautiful music and costumes that will enchant any audience and provide exciting and dramatic entertainment for any occasion. Captivating music, exotic costumes, and unbelievable acrobatic performance create an otherwordly atmosphere where gravity has no meaning and anything can happen.

One team even coordinated the only sky diving team to ever sky dive into Disneyland. We are also the only group to ever rappel (from 200ft.) out of a helicopter into both the Angel Stadium and the Rose Bowl. They created and regularly perform a 400ft. "Slide for Life" up 100ft. high across the Arrowhead Pond Sports Arena. They created and performed aerial stunts for both The Kings hockey team and The Clippers Basketball team in The Forum and The L.A. Sports Arenas.

They performed a high diving thrill show (into an airbag) inside the Houston Astrodome and rappelled down the Rockafeller Center Building in New York City on The Today Show. They have also provided the featured aerial performance for last year's NFL Commissioner's Party for the Super Bowl. They did all of this while still maintaining the other shows that we are involved with and of course, with a perfect safety record.


Mirror Dolls: A combination of glass and mostly plastic mirrors cover the entire costume. This highly reflective performer turns into a human mirror ball. Put them on a pedestal, light them from above or below and watch them glow reflecting the colors of the lights and and surrounding area. These Mirrored Dolls pose in stylish ways and make for a truly artistic performance. Your guests will be intrigued and fascinated by this human light show. 

Mirror Dolls Mirror Dolls
Mirror Dolls

Fire Performer
Fire performers perform 5 - 7 minute sets or up to 2 - 3 atmospheric performances in a 2 hour period. For stage shows, two fire performers are needed and perform 10 - 12 minutes. They use different fire props from spinning staffs to fire fingers etc.

Pole Hoop Performer
Pole Hoop

Branded Sphere
Branded Sphere

Aerial Ribbon

Clear Sphere
Snow Globe

Aerial Hammock
Aerial Hammock

Floating Stage

Floating Stage

Aerial Ribbonist performing on
easy to set up portable tripod rig

Aerial Ribbon Tripod

Aerial Sphere

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