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Chinese Acrobats & Performers


Chinese Lion Acrobatic Fire
Butterfly Changing Faces
Candelabra Juggling Cube
Poi Plate Spinning
Balancing Acrobatics Shaolin Martial Arts


Video of Chinese Dragon
and Martial Arts Show

This Chinese Acrobat Troupe is a premiere source for Asian cultural performers including acrobats, musicians, dancers, and martial artists.  The performers have performed everywhere from feature films to television commercials, corporate parties to NBA games.
They offer everything from individual acts to fully choreographed theatrical shows. The performances can be tailored to fit any and all event needs.
In addition to Asian cultural performances, they also offer European and South American cultural performers.

Chinese Acts:

Balancing Acrobatics
Candelabra Contortion
Changing Faces
Chinese Dragon
Chinese Lion
Chinese Musicians
Chinese Poles
Fire Candle Contortion
Flag Acrobatics
Hand Balancing
Hankerchief Contortion
Hoop Diving
Hula Hooping
Martial Arts
Northern Lion Dance
Plate Spinning
Shaolin Martial Arts
Straw Hat Juggling
Tea Pot Juggling
Traditional Dance

European Style Acts:
Acrobatic Fire Dance
Aerial Hammock
Aerial Silks
Fire Whip
Hand Balancing
Juggling Cube
Spanish Web


Sample 1 Hour Show
We can provide custom packages to meet most budget requirements and space limitations.

Northern Lion Dance (7-8 mins) - 7 Performers
2 lions perform a choreographed lion dance accompanied by an acrobat.
Besides incredible tumbling by the acrobat, the lions will walk on a circus
ball and perform an amazing flip off a platform!

Flag Acrobatics (3-4 mins) - 7 Performers
This is an exciting act with non-stop action that combines synchronized flag
spinning and incredible flips.

Acrobatic Hula Hoop (4 mins) - 1 Performer
This is a high energy act that has the performer twirling hula hoops from
every part of her body.  In the finale, she twirls 7 hoops at the same time
in different parts of her body!

Happy Chef Plate-Spinning (9-10 mins) - 2 Performers
In this comedy routine, the happy chef and his assistant will amazingly spin
over 25 plates at the same time!  It's truly incredible!

Hand to Hand Balancing (6-7 mins) - 2 Performers
A beautiful blend of grace, flexibility and strength.  This act will leave
the audience speechless.

Fire Candle Contortion (7 mins) - 1 Performer
A display of extreme flexibility combined with an element of danger... fire.
This beautiful act will have everyone hypnotized.

Hoop Diving (5-6 mins) - 6 Performers
Hoop Diving is a traditional acrobatic act that goes back over 1000 years.
The performers will be doing acrobatic flips through hoops and over each
other!  At the end of the act an acrobat will flip through a hoop that is
over 7 feet tall!

Straw Hat Juggling Acrobatics (4-5 mins) - 6 Performers
Strawhat juggling is one of the most entertaining and lively of all Chinese
acrobatics. It combines precision juggling with high level acrobatics and
comedy.  It's always a crowd pleaser!

Chinese Poles (6-7 mins) - 6 Performers
Chinese poles is an act that, along with hoop diving, truly represents
Chinese Acrobatics.  Performers will perform dangerous climbs, slides, and
flips from pole to pole.  This act will have the audience at the edge of
their seats!

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