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Salsa Youth Dance Troupe


Salsa Youth

These youth dancers specialize in grooving to the hot Latin/ Caribbean sounds of Salsa, Merengue, ChaChaCha, Mambo and Rumba to name a few. They perform these dances with a style all their own and one of their specialties is Casino Rueda which is the most popular dance craze to hit the Latin scene since the Macarena and prominently featured in the movie Dance With Me.


Casino Rueda, also called Casino, Salsa Rueda, Mambo Round and just plain Rueda, is a style of dance that originated in Cuba in the 1950's, and involves couples dancing in a circle and a caller yelling out dance moves. The couples then perform the short, fast, intricate, fun moves and switch partners.

The performance group is composed of young energetic members, ranging in ages from 10 to 23. To join the team not only do the kids have to exhibit the moves and energy required in being part of this team, but they also have to provide a satisfactory progress report from school.

They exploded on to the dance and music scene in 1996. Uninterrupted accomplishments since have included being featured performers at many festivals, special events, parties, dinners, awards banquets, theater and dinner shows, as well as radio, TV shows, film, stage shows and Music Videos taped in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Miami, New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Kansas, Missouri, Atlanta and Houston.

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