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Victorian & Historic Dancers


Early Californian

Early Californian

This troupe is a semiprofessional dance troupe of ladies and gentlemen recreating dances of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. They perform:

  • Victorian
  • Civil War
  • Spanish Californian
  • French Baroque
  • Colonial American
  • Ragtime
  • Other historic eras.
They add color and authenticity at museum events, festivals, and reenactments throughout the southland. They have become a regular feature at many Southland historical institutions and presentations. They are continually expanding their repertoire to include the social dances of different eras of the past. Some of our selections include "Mission Minuet," "Early California Mazurka," a jarabe of Old California, clogging routines suitable for Gold Rush or Civil War venues, as well as others depending on the venue. They also offer their ever popular audience participation segment so that the viewing public can get a real taste of dance history.

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