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Brazilian Dancers


Troupe #1 - Video

Troupe #2 - Video

Troupe #3 - Video


Our Brazilian dances perform:
• Samba
• Lambada
• Capoeira
(a dance that resembles a form of martial arts). 

Our Brazilian dancers have assembled a diverse team of beautiful and talented dancers from many backgrounds.  Each dancer lends a unique style to this multi-cultural union of talent.  The chemistry of this ensemble radiates with sheer energy and passion. They offer many costumes choices, including more conservative ones.

Brazilian Dancers

Samba Troupe

Samba White Costumes

Costume option for a more conservative audience
Brazilian Brazilian

Brazilian Conservative

Drummers and Stiltwalkers
Drum and Dance Stiltwalkers

Brazilian Capoeira Dancers
Capoeira Dancers

Conga Line with Band
Conga Line



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