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Afro-Cuban Folklore

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This group, counded in 1981, is an international organization dedicated to providing education, culture, and entertainment to the public by teaching and performing afro-caribbean percussion, dance, and song in afro-latino traditions.


Its mission is to educate, entertain and heighten cultural awareness and discover the roots of Clave, Rumba, Salsa, Son and other folkloric forms of music and dance. The ensemble is an exploration of the secular and folkloric Afro-Cuban music traditions.


It is choreographed by one of the only musical directors in the United States capable of singing the diverse melodies, dancing the strenuous body motions and playing the physically demanding drums. Our Afro-Cuban Folklore Ensemble gives the audience an opportunity to feel the musical connection with the spiritual forces that surround the ceremony. Expressed in passion, the tradition of the Lucumí, Arará, Bantú and Congolese religious cultures is the essence of each presentation.


This rich folkloric tradition has been the inspiration for the son style of Afro-Cuban music, or Salsa as it is called today. From the Saints (Orishas) of the Yoruba pantheon to the celebration of life in Rumba, the Ensemble gives audiences across the world an authentic illustration of traditional Afro-Cuban music.

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