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Afro-Caribbean Band & Dancers


Afro-Caribbean Music & Dance


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This music and dance ensemble is a very exciting and fun part of the Caribbean experience. Capable of expanding to a four member steel drum band and four dancers all of authentic Caribbean heritage and background, they are sure to turn the energy level way up and get your audience dancing on their feet.

Dances include the Carnival dance, an up tempo number celebrating carnival lifestyle; the Broken Bottles dance in which the dancer performs in bare feet on a bed of broken glass; the Bamboo dance in which two six foot bamboo sticks come together at a very fast pace while the dancer jumps in between; Fire-Eating where a high level of mind control is used to intrigue and entertain; and the traditional Limbo dance which can be executed under a horizontal bar of fire. As a finale, the audience is encouraged to participate in the limbo dance.


Show Format: The show begins with Calypso Carnival, a high tempo dance with female dancers in brightly colored custumes. Next is the Broken Bottle Dance where we introduce the male dancer dancing bare feet on a bed of broken bottles on a mat while the female dancers dance in the background. Next is the fire-eating dance (usually not allowed indoors per the fire marshall so hopefully this is outdoors). The show closes with the traditional limbo when the audience is invited to participate. Additions can include a conga line and the circle dance where we demonstrate authentic dance moves with the audience.

There's always one steel drum player in every combo, so with the trio we would add a drum machine and eliminate the live drummer and all would include a vocalist. The four-piece consists of steel drum, keys, bass guitar and drummer.

The steel drum has a tenor pan range of twenty-nine notes. The bands repertoire can include traditional calypso and reggae music as well as classical rock and jazz. The troupe has toured extensively throughout the United States (including Hawaii), performing at various college and university campuses and schools. TV credits include CBS Wheel of Fortune, Family Matters, Love Boat, Dynasty, and the ABC Home Show.

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