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music clip: i'll be back

"Some of the best songs in rock 'n roll history, ...and a bunch more you'll be glad you heard anyway!"

The band has been together since November 1987. We play many songs that are considered "standard" classic rock songs. These songs work everywhere we play. Then we learn songs that we really like, but may be a little obscure.


The crowd has heard it before, but can't remember who did it or what the title is...those are the fun tunes. Having fun with these songs keeps things fresh at city concerts, nightclubs, special events and other dates. Of course we do many Beatle tunes...some very familiar and some "off the beaten path". The guys really have The Beatle's vocals and harmonies down very well. We also pick songs that will get a crowd to participate by singing along or dancing a certain way. We have a certain number of songs that are humorous that can be related to a gig.

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