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Dueling Pianos


Dueling Pianos are a unique and highly entertaining sing-along entertainment performance with two professional players who sing and entertain using humor and audience participation.

This style of music originated with 1890s ragtime piano players who would "duel" to see who could play better and faster. It was redefined in the 1980s using mainly rock 'n' roll and classic rock music as well as focusing on teamwork between two highly energetic, engaging and carismatic musicians to make the evening completely interactive and enjoyable!


A typical evening starts with a hearty greeting and the guys break into “Great Balls of
Fire!” Half way through the song they introduce each other and refer you to the request forms on your table. The show is run by you, the audience! Write downyour request and bring it to the piano of choice! Not only that, you are cued by the guys to sing along on all the cool parts!


It’s totally interactive!


The next few hours are a barrage of your favorite Classic Rock tunes, peppered with wise cracks and comedy. Billy Joel and Elton John of course, but ACDC, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Gloria Gaynor and Guns N Roses, on piano? No problem! Someone has a birthday? Bring ‘em up for a musical roast. The CEO thinks he’s Elvis? Get him onstage and have him show you his best pelvic thrust while gyrating to “Blue Suede Shoes!” Your Accounting Department wants to prove they are a well oiled machine? A rousting YMCA may shatter that notion! The night passes quickly as the two pianists stampede you through your musical past. How do they play 2 hours straight? How do they know so many songs? How long has it been since you have had such a good time at your event? These guys love music and fun and it shows!

They come complete with sound, lights and two piano shells.

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