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Beach Boys Tribute Bands


Beach Boys Tribute #1


Here is the World's Greatest Beach Boys band. Each member played in the legendary Beach Boys and even sang lead vocals in their shows. After 1966, the Original Beach Boys started to hire extra singers and musicians to duplicate the sound of their records. That is how these incredible singers and musicians came together as the back up band for the Beach Boys. It was the Original Beach Boys who taught them their harmonies and their show. These musicians also recorded with the Beach Boys and is the only band in the world endorsed by the Original Beach Boys.

Beach Boys Tribute #1

In 1999, these guys started their own group and have toured together ever since. There is no other Beach Boys tribute band on the planet that sounds like the original Beach Boys like this band. As you can see by the live video, the band not only sounds great live, but also specializes in audience participation in their shows. The band can also vary their line up to fit just about anyone's budget. They can also perform surf music from around the world like Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, Jan&Dean, all the surf instrumentals, and even classic rock dance tunes. This band also performs Beach Boys hits that other bands cannot do because the others lack the vocals to do so. Why settle for a tribute band that has no connection to the real Beach Boys? You can also hire one or two of the Original Beach Boys, as an extra fee, to perform with this powerhouse band. No other band has that kind of option from the Beach Boys themselves. Don't settle for less, hire this band for the best!
Song List
California Girls
Do It Again
Surfin Safari
Don't Worry Baby
All Summer Long
Wipe Out
God Only Knows
Drag City
Little Deuce Coupe
Shut Down
Little GTO
I Get Around
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Good Vibrations
I Can Hear Music In My Room
Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Surfer Girl
Let's Dance
Do You Wanna Dance
Little Honda
Runaround Sue
Dance, Dance, Dance
Johnny B. Goode
Help Me Rhonda
Surf City
Surfin U.S.A
Barbara Ann
Fun, Fun, Fun

Beach Boys Tribute #2

music clip: fun, fun, fun
video clip

This band started by five multi-talented musicians with a background in vocal harmony stage production. The idea was to recreate and authenticate the look and sound of a live concert, circa 1964-65, by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Al Jarden. That was the spark that ignited the flame. As the "British Invasion" hit the shores of the USA in 1964, the "Surf Sound" was being defined and then dominated by this talented quintet of musicians from the South Bay area in Los Angeles, California.

Beach Boys Tribute BT02

Their songs talked of fast cars, the girl next door, having fun and the forever search for the "perfect Wave. This catapulted Brian, Mike, Carl, Dennis and Al into international stardom. Their music is recognized throughout the world. Much like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, they have millions of devoted fans and new listeners of all ages that are discovering their music every day.

The Band has recreated the sight, sound and mannerisms of this most recognizable band. From the striped shirts and Sansabelt slacks, to the suede "Beatle Boots"and wavy hair, right down to the definitive harmonies and groundbreaking lyrics about life in California. They play the
same instruments and even wear the same aftershave.

This is all lovingly recreated for devoted fans and future generations alike to enjoy. Invite the Band to infuse the atmosphere and sounds of the perfect beach party your next special event!

Surf's up!

Beach Boys Tribute #3


This four member band has polish beyond belief, which is why they are praised to have the "tightest vocals" and the only show to truly capture that classic Southern California Beach Boys’ 1960’s sound. Right down to the same instruments, amplifiers and precise slurs, slides and vocal mannerisms that gave the legendary Beach Boys their signature sound. Great sound without the use of "vocal tracks," creating the most accurate representation. They even play some classic rock tunes as well. For the real factor, you'll want this band for your next special event.

Beach Boys

Beach Boys Tribute #4


This band has been performing professionally since the mid 80’s, perfecting their tribute sound since they were kids! While Beach Boys is their primary tribute, they also play other music of the genre.

Beach Boys Tribute


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