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Music & Dance with  Sculpture


Music Sculpture

Music Sculpture

Music Sculpture

Music as Sculpture

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This hybrid performance ensemble combines their signature gigantic architectural harp installations, original music, dance, and projections.

Long-string Harp installations running hundreds of feet, combined with dance and original music create an immersive sensory environment.

Rock, classical​,​ and cutting edge digital styles converge into a lush and compelling soundtrack​ supporting kinetic contemporary movement, stunning costumes, and immersive projection environments.

Architecture is transformed into giant musical instruments, spaces become resonators, and audiences are enveloped in a giant canopy of golden musical brass wire and sound.

The Curve Harp and the Vertical Harp are some of the invented instruments that are featured.
Each of the instruments uses brilliant brass wire to create a site-specific installation. A Curve Harp installation can extend up to 1,000 feet. The long-strings highlight aspects of architecture and environment creating compositions of sound & space.

Choreography is created through the action of playing the strings. When the strings are inactive they become a sculptural installation.

They continue to transfix audiences in the US and abroad; from Singapore to Grand Cayman to Walt Disney Concert Hall​, to The Emmys, The Grammys, ​museums & festivals, ​their installations and performances have left indelible impressions.


Hot Peppers Productions
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