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Hot Peppers Entertainment

S t i l t   W a l k e r s   &   S h o w s

Choose from a variety of stilt walkers and stilt shows, including angles, LED stilts, robot stilt shows, disco twin shows, stilts with fantasy puppets, stilts with 4 legs, vine stilt shows and various themes including winter, neon, mardi gras, cirque, safari, and much more!

Colorful stilts
Robot Stilt Show

Patriotic Stilts

Stilts 4 legs Stilts 4 legs

Vine Stilts

Human Stilts with Puppets


disco twin stiltsWhite
Jellyfish Stilts Flamingo
Stilts Stilts
Stilts holidayledstilt
Stilts Patriotic Stiltwalkers
Stilts Stilts
stils LED

Vine Stiltwalkes
Adorned with beautiful flowers,these natural beauties will come to life to amaze audiences with their elegance and grace as they move with captivating agility.

Human Vine StiltsHuman Vine Stilts 

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