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W i l d   W e s t  S h o w s  &  E n t e r t a i n e r s

Bring the Wild West to your next picnic or event. Include an entire show or choose from a variety of Western Entertainers performing a variety of talents:

  • Stunt Shows
  • Trick Roping
  • Calf Roping
  • Bullwhip Cracking
  • Gun Spinning
  • Storytelling
  • Country Music
  • Cowboy Emcee
  • Native American dancers
  • Can Can Dancers
  • Line Dance Lessons
  • Guest competition in between acts for a prize - Calf roping Challenge & Trick roping Challenge with a small swivel rope
  • Interactive Activities

Video: Trick Roper Christy

Video: Trick Roper Judy

Video: Can Can Dancers

Gun Spinner

Western Show
Western Stunt Show CanCan Danceers
Trick RoperWestern Entertainer

Sample 30 Minute Show (3 people)
7 minute skit– Two wacky western cowboys mix it up with a crowd pleasing sketch, featuring a creative blend of humorous dialog, action packed stunt fighting and attention grabbing gun play.  These western characters keep the crowd on the edge of their seats and enjoy a little audience interaction. 

16 minute – An exciting interactive showcase of Western Arts, that lets the audience experience the rugged and exciting life of the Wild West Cowboy.  A showcase of Trickroping & Bullwhip Cracking. Featuring a five-time women’s international champion.

The performance will be performed  to music (sound system provided by client) to include Roping Tricks such as flat spin, wedding ring, butterfly, Texas Skip, and a 35’ Wedding Ring spin.  Will also include Bullwhip cracking, and audience participation presenting jobs for each guest on the Cattle Drive.

7 minute skit– The 2 stuntmen will continue their performance to wrap up the Western Show.

Line Dancing Fun + Interactive Activity
A charming cowgirl in full costume, will teach guests the latest in line dancing steps including the Wild Wild West, The Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe and other favorites during the 20-30 minute showtime. 

Following the dance instruction, guests can try their hand at roping the calf and spinning a trick rope.  Ranch hands can also make their own rope on an authentic rope making machine. 

Wild West Cowboy Presentation + Interactive Activity
A wild west cowboy will present the “Cowhand Academy” where he will help transform audience members into cowgirls and cowboys.  Guests with be entertained with tall tales of the wide open range and the wild west.  He will bring his tools (calf rope and bullwhip) of the trade and integrate them into his unique and humorous presentation. 

Following the academy, our wild west cowboy will give participants to practice what they learned and try their hand at roping the calf and spinning a trick rope. Ranch hands can also make their own rope on an authentic rope making machine. 

Trick Roper

Trick RoperCalf Roping





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