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The Art of Inspiration and Motivation

This french action sculptor, painter and performer removes sculpting from the realm of studios and galleries and transforms it into high-energy, entertaining, funny, public entertainment. He creates astonishing renderings of famous people in clay live before your very eyes and in minutes, He uses a cutting wire, baseball batand a piece of lumber to turn a five hundred
pound ball of clay into whatever or whomever you prefer.

Sculpting Show

His tour de force combines comedy and art in a unique show choreographed to music, bringing joie de vivre to audiences around the world. The ability to communicate corporate messages in the form of exciting artistic presentations makes this entertainer the choice of leading corporations to motivate, energize and inspire their employees at meetings and conventions.

For a Special Moment
His ability to customize a performance to fit any occasion is best demonstrated by his Signature Events program. The "special moment" format allows an organization to add impact and entertainment value to events which honor a specific individual or anniversary event, introduce a new logo, launch a product, host a celebrity speaker and the like.

Multi award recipient, he has been the voice behind taking art into a complete entertainment form, combining drama, comedy and audience participation. He has performed nightly in top Las Vegas resorts and productions; has taken center stage at events such as the Olympics, World Soccer, political conventions and world summit meetings with clients that have included Sun Micro Systems, Microsoft, and GM to name only a few. He has also performed his unique talent for international notables such as the King of Belgium, the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Charles, the Grimaldi's, the Sheik of Kuwait and others. He has also appeared on various television shows which include Larry King Live, The Today Show, Sabado Gigante, etc… He has also been nominated and awarded "Entertainer of the Year" by numerous organizations making him a sure bet and guaranteed value as a headliner for any event situation.

The show is mainstream, high energy and completely original. His productions are filled with exciting vignettes taking performance art to new levels. Trompe L' Oeil, Mode Art, Artos a surrealistic experience…His after dinner show is taking him to the extreme. Carving a one ton hunk of play dough and turning it into Michelangelo's sculpture of David, painting upside down hanging by a rope on fire, creating a painting of the Mona Lisa blindfolded, or using a volunteer from the audience as his paintbrush to create a rendition of your logo. His vivid personality and flair for comedy make the show an experience that will be hard to forget.

In a new keynote program, his topics are: "facing adversity in today's business" and "the survival spirit of the creative mind." He speaks to corporate groups about his extreme travel and life experiences and creates a parallel with the business climate of today. As a pioneer of aerobics in Europe, he took a box of flyers and turned it into a successful chain of aerobics studios which he later sold to buy a sailboat. He then spent the next seven years traveling around the world rock climbing in Patagonia and the Himalayas; paragliding from the top of Mont Blanc; scuba diving in the seven seas, all the while painting thousands of paintings to support his travels. His challenges have taken him from sailing through typhoons to fighting pirates off the coast of Brazil and once drifting on a broken windsurfer for 72 hours on the open Caribbean Sea.

Some examples of past performances include: a Sun Micro Systems Presidents Club meeting in Bali wherehe introduced guest performers the Doobie Brothers with a portrait; Washington Mutual's awards banquet, held aboard the ship Enchantment of the Seas, where he created a portrait of the CEO; and the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Club where he created his rendition of the famous logo.

He has performed in Las Vegas productions at MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Bally's and New York, New York as well as at corporate events and conventions for Sun Micro Systems, Du Pont, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Verizon and many more. He has also performed at private functions for Prince Charles, the Grimaldi family, Pope John II, the Sultan of Brunei and others.

Luminaries like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Luciano Pavarotti, Enzo Ferrari, Presidents Clinton and Bush, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and many more members of the creme de la creme have been immortalized on canvas by him. He's also painted interpretations of corporate images and logos for IBM, Sun Microsystems, Coors, Moet et Chandon, Cartier and others.

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