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P i r a t e   P a r t i e s

This jovial group of pirates are 22 in total including Captain Jack, Captain Hook, Captain Davy Jones, William Turner, Elizabeth Swan, props, d├ęcor, animals, pirate photo booth, lighting, sound and even a pirate band.

Chose from a variety to fun filled activities such as a live action adventure show including sword fighting, black powder gun fighting, break away bottles, bull whip cracking and just good 'ol pyratical fun.

Variety acts with a pirate theme include precision knife and tomahawk thrower, precision bullwhip artistry, belly dancers with swords and snakes, fire eater and fire performers, sword swallowers, bed of nails, ladder of blades, face painter and temporary tattoos, pirate bands performing sea shanties and sing-a-longs, drunken pirate Christmas carolers, exotic animals such as monkey, tiger, parrots, alligator, all of which fit the pirate theme.

We can also provide a pirate photo booth complete with costumes for your guests to dress up like pirates!

Create a pirate environment with pirate props such as barrels, netting, gibet cages with rotting corpses, skeletons dressed in rotting clothing, skeleton on ships wheel, ship's mast, lanterns, tack, etc.

We also have sound equipment and full service professional lighting packages available.

Fire Eater
Pirate Band
Jack Sparrow

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