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Our upgraded photo booths offer flexible and open-air designs with video and social media options.

360° Photos
360 photos
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Clasic Booth with Social Media Station
Classic Photobooth
Open Air (No Booth)
Open Air Booth
Mirror Photos
Mirror Photos
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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
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Roving Photos
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Animated Gifs
Animated Gif
Light Painting
Light Painting
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Video Projections
Video Projecctions Video Porjections
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Slow Motion
Slow Motion
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Green Screen Backgrounds
Green Screen
Kiosk For Social Media
Large Projections
Large Projections


Photo Booth Choices

  • Classic Enclosed Booth

    This is the classic photo booth with curtain enclosure. It has an authentic photo booth look/feel with no pipe-and-drape. The booth features a touchscreen user interface monitor (users can select color modes, backgrounds, and more), and an external slideshow monitor to entertain your guests. Inside is a sit-down bench for 3 but the booth holds up to 10 people for extra loud laughs.

  • Social Media Photo Booth

    The Social MediaBooth is optimized for marketing/PR events and brand activations. Users post their fun photos along with your brand onto their own Facebook and Twitter accounts which can generate up to 10,000 impressions per hour of use.

  • Open-Air Photo Booth

    The Open-Air Booth can operate in front of backdrops, green screens, white or step-and-repeat backdrops. If you want a larger, stand-up photo experience and still get all the great benefits of the photo booth including the slideshow monitor this is a great choice.

  • Mirror Photos

    Mirror Photos Mirror Photos Mirror Photos

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    Photo booth with a fun twist … Hidden behind the mirror is photo booth technology that allows the mirror to interact with the guest and talk to them. The touch screen allows guests to play games and o take cool photos. Other great features include touch technology that allows the user to draw on their own pictures right on the screen. Endless fun possibilities to make your party a hit. Includes one onsite attendant, props, and online gallery with all the pictures from the event, a green screen and gif option, customized and unlimited 4x6 prints, and email Sharing and MMS so guests can post photos right to their social media.

    Using the two way mirror the guest can see themselves just like they are looking at a normally mirror. The mirror then comes alive and costume and interactive elements will be displayed on the mirror inviting the user to then touch the mirror to start the experience. Once the guest activates the mirror it will display customized messages and count down before taking 1-4 photos. Now that the quest has taken the photos the mirror displays another message asking the quest to sign or add their name to the photo. Lastly the photos are printed and or can be emailed to the guest or posted directly to social media.

  • Photo Wall / Green Screen

    Looking for a pro photography station complete with studio lighting and no photo “booth”? This option is often done with a green screen or step-and-repeat backdrop, and has a photo studio look/feel as opposed to a photo booth. Still delivers the same great high-quality prints and can be combined with any of our options.

  • Roving Photos with Driver

    Roving Roving Photos
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    A roving photo booth with driver. Perfect when you want something new and different for your guests. Includes custom logos on pictures, instant emailing and/or texting of photos, custom email and text message copy, user choice of photos or GIFs, user choice of filters and user choice of digital props.

  • 360° Photos

    360 Photos 360 Photos
    360Photo Gif 360 photos
    Option #1:
    watch video. Guests are attracted to the alluring cylinder of light from across the room. Guests can grab props and gather around the 360 tower from all sides, and strike a fun pose.  This is especially great for large groups. An attendant gives a countdown and snaps a photo using a remote trigger. A 360 photo is transmitted to a tablet where users can view their photo in full 360 and send it to themselves via text, email, or post it straight to Facebook. Within seconds users get a link sent to them on their phone to their own personal 360 photo viewer. Guests can see a continual rotating 360 photo slideshow on a large flat screen monitor or projection (optional). We’ll also bring VR goggles to the event so that your guests can experience their photos in full virtual reality. You can view videos on Virtual Reality goggles, smartphones and computers. Includes 3 operators and 6x4 customized, hyper-panoramic flat 360 photos.

    Option #2: watch video.This is a novel photo booth with a camera taking photos in a complete circle. The booth is a floor-to-cieling, green screen enclosure with a camera in the center taking photos in a complete circle to capture all the action. Photos are printed instantly and can be projected onsite. Photos are also turned into interactive online movies that can be shared on Facebook, MySpace, or emailed. We are able to customize and brand the digital background for the green screen as well as the graphics on the printed photos. Costume accessories provided (hats, glasses, props, etc.).

  • Roaming

    Roaming: Our roaming photographer brings the action to your guests! Our unique iPad Backpack holds an iPad in front of the photographer so that he can roam around your event taking photos of guests on the dance floor, red carpet, and beyond. Photos instantly appear on the iPad so that guests can upload them instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Our iPad Pole is a low footprint solution that allows us to mount our camera, flash, and two iPads all on a single pole with a 1foot x 1foot foot print. With options to upload to social media as well as instant printing this is a great solution for a tight space. We use your party as the background of the photos. Add a fisheye lens for a funky-MTV look.


  • Green Screen Backgrounds

    With green screen technology you have infinite background possibilities. Put yourself on the moon, underwater, or on a magazine cover! We have backdrop libraries, or create your own. Works with any package.

  • Social Media

    Allow your guests to instantly post their photo booth pictures to their Facebook or Twitter profiles with our Social Media Kosk stationed next to the booth. Posted photos include your branding or event banner.

  • Projections

    A large screen or wall projections of your live photo slideshows and make it larger than life! Projections can even be done remotely in another room. Use an inhouse A/V system, or we can supply projector and screen.

  • Video Projections

    Looking for an upscale, unique, and fashionable way to integrate videos and gifs for your next party? Projection videos are our new obsession. LA Photo Party will design a custom video with any pattern, branding, or video imagery that projects on to a blank backdrop or wall. Guests can pose, dance, and party in front of the projection and then share their experience with the world. No green screen necessary.

  • Scrapbook Station

    Great for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. We bring an elegant scrapbook with extra pages, pens, sticky tape, and scissors. Your guests will receive two copies of each print, one for them to keep and one for the scrapbook. It’s a wonderful keepsake at the end of the night. Our custom one-of-a-kind scrapbooks including multi colored pens, straight and squiggly cut scissors, and double sided tape, double prints of each strip (one for the guest and one for the scrapbook), and the service of setting up and overseeing the station.

  • Animated GIFs

    People stand in front of the camera with props or branded merchandise. We take 4 quick pictures and then our system combines them into an animation which is uploaded instantly to the web and social channels. And we print a physical copy of the 4 photos too. We’re talking takeaway and social sharing all in one.
    What’s the camera quality? Studio-quality, 18.1 megapixels. Yep, we’ll see the details.
    Can we share the photos instantly? Yes, email delivery is the best. This allows everyone to save their video on their device and share it via Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Can you have a flat screen display the videos at the event? Yes, we can seamlessly create slideshows to display on an external monitor at your events! As GIFs are created, they will be added to the playlist, allowing everyone at the event to enjoy.

    Animated GifsAnimated Gfs
    Animated GifsAnimated Gifs

  • Morphing

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    Treat your guests to something truly unique and memorable, and step beyond the photo booth by adding face morphing.

  • Slow Motion Videos

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    Slow motion videos add movement and fun to the traditional photo booth.

  • Light Painting

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    Using our photo party station and our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real time. Our light painting artists help with fun ideas. The final product is branded and can be printed and uploaded instantly to social media.

  • Virtual Reality

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    The world's first virtual reality photo booth ... Our 3D camera and green screen instantly insert guests into a VR environment that is both 3D and 360°. Our VR headsets offer immediate 3D viewing. Guests can share instantly to Facebook as a 360° interactive experience.  Features included: custom designed environments, branded overlays and backgrounds, choice of multiple environments, high energy staff, instant social sharing, and hosted on branded microsite.

    Underwater Photos

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    Are you having a pool party? Then, bring the photo fun under water... Perfect for pool parties, resorts, cruise ships, water parks and any other water-based guest experiences. Just like taking a selfie, but underwater, the guest can see themselves on our underwater live preview monitor then click the underwater button to snap their branded photo. Photo filters can be applied instantly and photos can be posted live to social media or printed instantly at a kiosk station or using RFID writs bracelets.

    Our booth creates high resolution photos and GIFS and lets you upload instantly to social media. Included are an onsite technician, fun props/costumes, and unlimited uploading to Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  With our new photo editing feature, you can also add additional themed props to the photos after taking them.  This is a perfect fit for your clients who want a unique aquatic experience at their next pool party.  Printing packages are also available for your guests who want something to take away.

    The Underwater Photo Booth is made of 3 main components:
    1. Mounting System - base and connecting poles holed the Underwater Photo Booth in place. The unit is self contained so that no modification to your pool or pool deck is needed.
    2. Underwater Housing - contains DSLR camera, studio strobe flash, daylight bright optimized monitor, and underwater trigger button
    3. Computer Case - the brains of the system operate from a water proof Pelican case outside of the water connected to the underwater housing with a 30-foot ocean grade cable.

    Underwater Underwater Photos UnderwaterUnderwater UnderwaterUnderwater Photos

  • Custom Apps

    Have a great idea for a mobile app to promote your brand? We can make it come to life! We specialize in unique photo concepts with social media integration for mobile apps. Allow guests to interact with your brand wherever they go with our custom mobile apps for ios and android.  Design custom photo, gif, or video apps. Integrate social media sharing. Brand and advertise your company or project. Track instant sharing, data capture, and more.

Standard Features

  • Assorted Props

    We come with a large selection of specialty themed and fun party props. Let us know if you have any special requests.

  • Large Group Photos

    All photo booths can accommodate groups of up to 10 people or more. Bring your friends, don’t be shy!

  • Slideshow Monitor

    Waiting guests will be entertained by our built-in external slideshow monitor that shows all the latest fun pics.

  • Custom Print Designs

    Choose from classic photo strips or 4×6 cards, and we will customize your chosen layout with your logo and/or event information.

  • Online Galleries

    We will post your photos to a private online gallery so your guests can view and download their photos online after the event. URL and password shown on each print.

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Social Media Booth           Green Screen
Green Screen                                 Photo Strip Samples
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