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L i g h t   P a i n t i n g

Using our our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real time. Our light painting artists help with fun ideas. The final product is branded and can be printed like photos and uploaded instantly to social media.

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Let your creativity blossom with this unique activation. Use our light tools to draw, color, and design your image by waving and dragging lights in the photographable area like a paintbrush. And with our live-preview, you can watch the artistry happen right in front of you. Write words in the air, paint a glowing landscape, build your own special effects, the options are endless. External lights can be used to flash on a guest’s face for their own face, body, etc. to appear on the image as well.

We provide two assistants to help shape your vision and provide innovative solutions to bring your luminescent ideas to life. Then share your vision by instantly uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Space Required
15 x 15 foot square space or 10 x 10 foot entirely dark enclosure.

Physical Setup
It is important that this activation operates in complete darkness to be most effective. We can provide a black 10 x 10 foot pop up tent. This tent stands 12 feet high. We can also operate in any complete dark, enclosed  space with an entrance that is a minimum of 10 square feet.  Our equipment stands at one end of the room, with a touchscreen facing the guest. The guest will start the experience and use a variety of light wands, LED lamps, glow sticks, and other lighted objects by waving them in the air. The camera tracks the motion of the light and records the motion like a paint brush. Any client is able to order custom designed lighting filters that display logos, images, backgrounds, etc. with a minimum of one week’s notice. At the end of the guest’s session, they are able to add filters to enhance their glowing designs.

Additional Features:

  • Printing: Print 4x6 or 5x7 photos from our high quality dye sublimation printers.
  • USB: Receive a flash drive of all your images and keep a personal copy of all your images.


Light Painting

Light Painting

Light Painting

Light Painting

Light Painting

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