e n t e r t a i n m e n t   &    d a n c e  s t u d i o

Hot Peppers Entertainment

A r t i s t s   &   C r a f t s

Add atmosphere with these artisans to create interactive involvement with your guests or enhance an event theme.

Guests can watch them work their craft, create souvenirs for them to take home or even particiate to make their own work of art! Workshops are available for groups of all ages that want to learn.

Here are a few of the choices:

    3D Street Chalk Artists
    Airbrush Artists
    Airbrush Artists - Grafitti Style
    Airbrush T-Shirts & Hats
    Animae Portrait Artists
    Basket & Gourd Weaver
    Calligraphy - Japanese & Chinese
    Caricatures - Digital
    Caricature T-Shirts

    Face Painters
    Glass Artist
    Graffiti Art
    Grafitti Body Artist
    Grafitti Basketballs
    Grafitti Cell Phone Case Marker Artists
    Grafitti T-Shirts and Clothing
    Glitter Artists

    Live Event Painters
    Mexican Paper Flowers
    Papel Picado
    Wire Name Jewlery/Art

Papel Picado Basket Weaving

Japanese Calligraphy

Grafitti Basketballs Face Painting
Airbrush HatsAirbrush T-Shirts
Giltter Artist Glitter Artist
Airbrush Painting
Grafitti Clothing
Glass Art Wire Name Art
airbrush cell phone cases & hats
Grafitti Cell Phones Grafitti Hats
Event Painter Mexican Paper Flowers
Street Chalk ArtistT Shirt Caricatures  
Silhouettes Digital Caricatures Digital Caricatures
3D Street Chalk Artist

3D Street Chalk Artists
Customized 3D street chalk paintings will transform any venue. Every surface is a potential canvas to express your theme, company name and logo. Use this unique vehicle for any communications or marketing agenda. Create photo opportunities that invite audiences to become part of the imagery and more actively engage with your brand. Great for social media, press releases, contests, and other high-impact marketing.

Graffiti Artist
Graffiti Painting is a fresh look at event painting.  You can make this an interactive event and get your guests involved, too. Our artists will tag your company logo, event slogan or other idea right in the mix of your event. Great for LA themed events or anywhere you want to give the illusion of an urban setting. Typical space is a 10' x 10 non-polished concrete area. If you want to keep the finished art, it can be done on a 4' x 8' gater board.

Live Painter
Our artist paints live throughout the evening. Live wedding photos, live event portraits (memorialize your event), CEOs, landscapes, guest portraits and company logos are popular requests.

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