e n t e r t a i n m e n t   &    d a n c e  s t u d i o

Hot Peppers Entertainment

S a l s a  &  L a t i n  8

This band has been devoted to writing original salsa and Latin music since 2005. Whether on stage or in session, they perform from the heart without question. Covering many music genres, (see list below),the band is profoundly motivating. Quietly sensitive, yet intensely energetic, the they are unique and inspiring.

Music genres: Latin / Salsa / Bolero / Merengue / Rumba / Reggaetón / Mambo / Son / Bomba / Plena / Guajira / Palo / Yuka / Makuta / Classical / Cha Cha Cha / Son Montuno / Descarga / Son Montuno / Songo / Bossa Nova / Cumbia / Güiro / Arará / Lucumí

Hot Peppers Productions
40170 Stowe Road
Temecula, CA 92591 USA
Tel. 951-491-0480
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