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F r e n c h   G y p s y   J a z z   B a n d

This band is a Gypsy Jazz band which which combines a dark chromatic gypsy flavor with the impact of American swing and be-bop on French music and “chanson” (French song) performed in cafes and music halls throughout the city of Paris. The band has recreated this sound with the inimitable guitar expression and soulful voice of the passionate French native band leader(vocals & guitar) and talented co-leader(vocals & clarinet) contributing tasty clarinet lines and possessing a uniqueness of crystal clarity in her voice, expresses the beauty and elegance of a repertoire of French and American popular, original vocal songs and Gypsy Jazz instrumental music.

This combination of Gypsy Jazz, French & American music is alive and will swing all over the world for the joy of all people.

French Gypsy

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