e n t e r t a i n m e n t   &    d a n c e  s t u d i o

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F o l k  &  S o u l   D u o

This folk n’ soul duo has a very special vocal blend and stage chemistry. Their original sound and performing style had one newspaper recently describe them as “Imagine Tina Turner fronts The Eagles."

The singers deep, rich, and soulful voice along with her captivating stage presence adds a dimension to their sound and show that has earned them many fans.

The lead guitarist is a prolific singer-songwriter with 10 albums to his credit and plays a variety of guitars, harmonica, and ukulele. He is also available as a solo guitarsit playing '60's and '70's songs of artists such as Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, James Taylor etc.

Folk & Soul

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