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This string ensemble is known for the diversity of the music they perform and each of the many players they use in their various configurations are well grounded in multiple styles of music. They play a variety of classical, contemporary, folk, Jewish and Christmas music. Members of the quartet have worked with many high-profile artists such as

String Ensemble

Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Frank Ocean, Macy Gray, Barbara Streisand, Karyn White, Natalie Cole, and more, and has been seen on various programs including the season finale of BRAVO TV's 'Millionaire Matchmaker', Qualcomm's 'Best Bus Stop Ever' viral video series, and KCAL9's 'Best Of: Wedding Edition' episode. OSQ was also featured in a web editorial for the Southern California magazine, LOCALE.

Even though the quartet is our most popular group, we also offer a variety of other ensembles, including trios, duos, and soloists. You can also substitute one of the violins for a flute.

2 violins, viola, cello 

violin, viola, cello or
2 violins, cello 

violin, cello or
violin, violin 

violin, cello, guitar, harp, piano

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