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Hot Peppers Entertainment

20s  G r e a t   G a t s b y  J a z z

20s Jazz Band #1
Classy Jazz with that Old Hollywood charm. This band is a Jazz & Vintage Band covering all the classic music of a bygone era and bringing Old Hollywood back to life. They features Broadway-caliber vocalists, songs that never get old and the top Jazz musicians available in NY, LA or Toronto.

They have combos to cater the many tastes of Jazz through history. 1920s and Gatsby-themed ensembles, Cafe Paris Jazz combos, Dixieland bands, Sinatra and Tony Bennett-styled groups, and straight Jazz quintets, quartets, and trios.
20s Jazz Band #2

20s Jazz

video clip

This Gatsby themed jazz band performs roaring 20s and 30s jazz as well as modern pop, jazz and lounge hits. Perfect for your next Great Gatsby or 1920s themed party.

vocals and keys

vocals, keys and upright bass

vocals, keys, upright bass and drums

vocals, sax, keys, upright bass and drums

vocals, sax, trumpet, keys, upright bass and drums

vocals, sax, trumpet, trumpet or trombone, keys, upright bass and drums
(configurations can vary according to event needs)


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